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The Hollow Crown: Henry IV, Part II - ken [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Hollow Crown: Henry IV, Part II [Jul. 15th, 2012|11:17 am]
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It has been seen. Let us discuss!

- Does Jeremy Irons look a bit like an older RDJ to anybody else?
- I kept expecting Warwick to end all of his lines with "Khaleesi."

A bunch of stuff that was already in the script so I really can't blame this production for it, but...
- Prince Hal and Poins fighting and not being friends anymore.
- The arrest of Doll Tearsheet and Mistress Quickly.

- Okay, remember how the play itself makes only the most offhand mentions of that one time Prince Hal punched LCJ in the face and went to prison? The Hollow Crown goes one step further and deletes it from the script entirely. Quel fuck?
- I don't think they made it very clear that Hal thought his dad was dead, so the whole "taking the crown" bit seemed even skeevier than usual. Could be wrong, though. What did people who haven't read the play think of it?
- The random-ass "Prince Hal does his homework" scene.
- The entirety of Falstaff's little dinner party at the tavern. Did we really, truly need to see him getting horizontal with Doll Tearsheet? Did Hal? Did anybody?
- Also WHERE IS POINS. I know the original text provides no closure, but I had hoped The Hollow Crown would remedy that.

- Prince Hal's shoulder scar. Continuity! \o/
- The costumes, particularly that blue velvet tunic. So motherflipping dapper.
- The "you are so fucked, bro" moment between the princes and LCJ.