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The Hollow Crown: Henry V [Jul. 22nd, 2012|10:51 am]
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What has been seen cannot be unseen.

- Holy shit it's the dragon from Merlin! How'd he get in here?
- Cavalry does about as well against archers as it does against machine guns. War Horse parallels, anyone?
- Now that he's King, Henry V reads his own damn mail. No more passing it off to Poins! (Where is Poins?)
- Vernon Dursley as Burgundy. Wat.

- Once again, more the fault of the source material than this particular production, but OH GOD DEAD HENRY V WHY D:
- The betrayal! The letters! Where are the betrayal letters!?
- They just had to keep the rape threats in the script, didn't they?
- But the leek eating scene! Where is the leek-eating scene!?

- The sad violins have been replaced by ANGRY VIOLINS. Soundtrack, he is shouting, I know he is angry. I do not need your help.
- York's death scene. Just... what? What all over.
- Was execution by arrow actually a thing?
- Where'd Queen Isabel go?

- Henry V on horseback set to ridiculously jaunty music. I can't help it, it's cute.
- Henry V's evident insecurity re: the war, and his decision to fight it. Makes him way more relatable.
- Henry V actually showing some goddamn emotion over Bardolph's demise.
- Fluellen getting off his horse and helping that one guy walk. Fluellen in general, really, because Fluellen.
- Erpingham is adorbs.
- The incredibly clever disguise of Harry le Roy.
- Harry's prayer having a witness. I appreciate the "openly displaying my weakness and humanity... oh fuck time to look like a king" contrast.
- Tears in Henry V's eyes at "we few, we happy few, we band of brothers..."
- Post-battle hugs from Westmoreland.
- Glove trick!
- Henry V's temper and eye roll at the peace talks.
- Henry V is the worst flirt of all time and it is the best thing.
- Also fuck yes more velvet tunics. In red this time! Very fetching.

- "God and his angels, blessings, etc." "Sure, whatever."
- The way the crown makes Henry V's ears stick out.
- The "once more unto the breach" football huddle.
- "What's your name?" "Montjoy." And then Henry V's wordless expression of "So your name is... Herald."
- "A little touch of Harry in the night" sounds even more like an advertising slogan when spoken aloud.
- Prince Dauphin, of the department of redundancy department.
- "What is your name?" "Shit, what is my name?! Um... think of a pseudonym, think of a pseudonym..."
- Henry V's tiny little cheek scar post-Agincourt. Not sure if that's supposed to take the place of the historical hole in his face or if it's something Tom Hiddleston genuinely suffered while filming. (I would not be surprised if it were the latter.)